What gets you up mornings? What gets you up mornings and keeps you up at night? Nothing?    Read on! Is it your job? If so, are you enjoying or enduring it? Here is an important question: If finances were not a factor, is there something that could make you get up mornings with great anticipation? The reason for these questions is the widespread issue of individuals who are disconnected from their daily reality. They dread the rising of the sun and yearn for nightfall. There are too many waking hours in their days. There is a marked absence of enthusiasm at work and there isRead More →

Jumping To Conclusions I share a corny joke in webinars as to why Jamaica does so well in athletics: We like to run things and jump to conclusions. The making of assumptions is a problem that escapes the limelight. However, its frequency, pervasiveness and impact has far reaching implications. Why should we be concerned about jumping to conclusions? A young man’s life was saved by a security guard as his work colleague attempted to cut his throat. His colleague’s bus fare was missing and he assumed that the young man had stolen it. The assumption proved to be wrong. An organization invested significant resources inRead More →

Bridling Your Mind As you read this is there something on your mind that challenges and bothers you? It is important to appreciate that the very difficulties that we face will help us to grow and mature. Just as by lifting heavy things we develop our muscles, we need challenges to build mature minds.   If we can bring our minds under control we will move more closely to the kind of person we want to be. Our mindset determines who we are. What we say and do comes from what we think.   Let me introduce the “prompter” that lives in our heads.  Read More →